Top Turf Sod Farm

Hazel Green, Alabama
Lincoln, Tennessee



Our Products

We grow Tifway 419 Bermuda, Rebel Exceda Fescue, and Emerald Zoysia. 

Top Turf Sod Farm produces all grass in a controlled cultured environment that results in healthy sod virtually free of weeds, harmful turf insects, and disease.

The major top-quality brands available from our farms include Tifway 419, Fescue Exceda Fescue with Kentucky bluegrass, and Emerald Zoysia
Tifway 419 Bermuda - An improved hybrid Bermuda with excellent wear tolerance, Tifway 419 is a great choice for high traffic areas and heavy use conditions. Bermuda grass goes dormant during the winter.
Price: $90 per pallet ($1.80 per sq yard); $45 per roll.
Amount: One pallet = 50 sq yds (450 sq ft); One roll = 25 sq yds
Rebel Exceda Fescue with Kentucky bluegrass  A hybrid possessing the best qualities of both types of turf, this grass was scientifically developed to grow darker, greener and denser than other brands. Fescue does not go dormant in the winter and remains beautifully green throughout the cold season. This grass is ideal for shaded areas, does best with regular maintenance, and is durable in terms of withstanding heat, drought, and heavy traffic.
Price: $100 per pallet ($2.00 per sq yard); $50 per roll.
AmountOne pallet = 50 sq yds (450 sq ft); One roll = 25 sq yds
Stacking Fescue on the Sod Harvester
 Emerald Zoysia - The Cadillac of lawn grasses, Emerald produces an  extremely dense, fine-textured, soft-to-the-touch turf that is notably  emerald in color. One of  the most attractive of all Zoysia grasses,  Emerald requires frequent maintenance, is slow growing, and goes  dormant in the winter.  
 Price: $175 per pallet. 
 Amount: One pallet = approx. 38 sq yds (340 sq ft). - This difference  is due to the increased thickness of Zoysia compared to Bermuda and  Fescue.

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